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Learn the essential barista skills to get you started on your barista career.

5 points

£238 +VAT inc exam, certification 


SCA barista SKILLS


Learn the essential barista skills to get you started on your barista career. The course focuses on the key skills required to set your grinder, make espressos, foam and texture milk for great cappuccinos. The course also touches on some basic information on the daily care of your equipment.

1 day course from 9.30 am to 4.30pm - light lunch included. - maximum of 6 people will attend.

£238 +VAT includes the exam and certification – If you are successful you will gain 5 points towards your diploma. If you want to attend an SCA course and not partake in the examination you would be welcome and we will deduct the £45 from the cost of the course.


15th January 2020, 18th February,  7th April 


£175 +VAT

Our Bespoke course, great start for anyone interested in Barista skills.

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This course will introduce students to the foundations of the work of the barista, the coffee, the milk and the machines. For students who have not approached an espresso machine before, for beginning baristas, for home enthusiasts or for those looking for a refresher course, this one day workshop will give you the basic techniques in choosing your beans, setting your machine and grinder, and creating the optimum espresso, time after time.


Times: 10am to 4/4.30pm with light lunch being provided

Cost: £175 +VAT

Morning: Theory.

Afternoon: Practical.

Dates Available: 20th January, 25th February, 24th March, 14th April


A course for accomplished baristas looking to hone their skills.

SCA barista SKILLS


From £355 +VAT

10 points


This is a course aimed at baristas who know the basics and are looking to increase their knowledge and skills. The course will include cupping, latte art and improving skills.


Basic Tasting – Introduction to Sensory skills, Espresso machine overview, Grinder Maintenance and principles of grinding, Milk – Jug selection, achieving consistent steaming technique and temperature without thermometer, Latte Art - learn how to achieve some Latte Art, Menu Building – making basic drinks, discuss difference with cup size and effect on flavour.


Times: 10am to 4pm – with a light lunch being provided

Course includes theory and practical skills.


Cost: £355 +VAT and additional exam/certificate fee (£90 fee member, £160 fee Non-Member)

Dates Available:  19th & 20th February, 8th & 9th April 2020

£175  +VAT



london school of coffee

Our bespoke course, for accomplished baristas

£175 +VAT


The Intermediate Barista course is designed to expand upon knowledge taught in our Beginner Barista course. It is a one day course that includes cupping coffee, latte art, types of milk, grinder models and espresso trends.

The Intermediate Barista course runs from 10am to 4pm and is perfect for those who have a foundation understanding and experience with making coffee but are looking to improve their skills. The knowledge you will take away from this course is the perfect start into the speciality coffee industry and the discourse that surrounds how drinks are prepared. A light lunch will be provided.


1 day course - 10am to 4pm
£175 + VAT

Dates Available: 25th March, 15th April 

Private training available on request.,



SCA barista SKILLS

This Professional level is suitable for those wanting to pursue specialist knowledge at a high level

From £600 +VAT

25 points


Coffee contains many possible flavours, aromas and textures due to the complex range of acids, sugars and bitter compounds it contains. Every bean offers different possibilities to the barista based on its variety, origin, processing and roast. However, it is up to the barista to unlock this potential using the tools at their disposal. Such as, dose, grind texture, water temperature and quantity and pressure.

This course looks at the science of how espresso extracts and how to use this knowledge to get the most from beans of different styles. It looks at modern ways of evaluating extraction through measuring TDS, extraction percentages, and expressing this through espresso brew formulas.

3 day course
£600 +VAT and additional fee for exam/ certificate fee

Dates Available:  30th 31st March and 1st April 2020 - 3 day course .


Our bespoke course, for professional  


london school of coffee


£192 +VAT


The Advanced Barista course is available upon request, it is aimed at those who already have a strong foundation of coffee knowledge and want to take their practice to the next level. You will be tasting lots of coffee - be warned, high levels of caffeine consumption are highly likely. Some previous experience in tasting is desirable


This is an extensive course with lots of technical details, make sure you pack your notebook and pens. The course will run from 10am to 4pm with a light lunch provided. This course is highly recommended to those working at the high end of the coffee industry, be it purchasing green coffee, roasting and tasting or a senior barista looking to go towards competitions or training themselves.


1 day course - 10am to 4pm
£192 +VAT

Dates Available: dates on request

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