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SCA brewing

FOUNDATION & intermediate

Look at technical aspects of brewing as well as water chemistry, grind analysis and extraction yield.

Foundation course 5 points is 1 day - £250+VAT this includes your SCA certification:

Intermediate course 10 points is 2 days - £375+VAT and additional costs for certification £90 member £160 non member

sca FOundation (1 day) & intermediate (2 Day) brewing

This hands-on workshop, will teach you how to analyse your grind profile and how to match your grind to your brewing method to deliver the best cup possible. Also by understanding the essential elements of coffee brewing you will learn how they individually influence the final cup.

By the end of the course you will learn how to scientifically measure coffee strength and chart a coffee’s extraction. Learn how to analyse both brewed coffee and espresso, chart their extraction and troubleshoot the brew to deliver a correctly extracted, well-balanced cup. Using a digital refractometer to measure each cup, participants will learn how to use the equipment correctly to scientifically compute a coffee’s extraction and reference against its taste.

2 day course - Training is £375 +VAT and light lunch each day
plus SCA Member £90 for Certification

SCA Non-Member £160 for Certification 

Dates: Foundation Brewing dates TBC (1 day course) 17th January 2020.

Intermediate level (2 day course) 202 dates to be confirmed.


Look at technical aspects of brewing as well as water chemistry, grind analysis and extraction yield.- 3 day course

SCA brewing


Price on Application 

25 points

sca PROFESSIONAL brewing

Suited for people who have completed the Intermediate brewing course, the Professional Brewing course utilizes what’s has been learnt to investigate and scientifically understand a range of brewing factors. It is also recommended you have also done the introductions to coffee and the barista skills foundation course or equivalent before doing this advanced course also.

The course provides you with the key information to enable you to sit your brewing professional certification that consists of10 short practical tests and written exams (35 questions with a pass rate of 80% required)

3 day course
Price on Application include certification

plus professional certification costs

Dates Available: TBC 2020 

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