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Mercanta, the Coffee Hunters

would like to invite you to an

exclusive event 

co-hosted by the Cup of Excellence (COE),

the most prestigious competition and award for high quality coffees in the world.

The event brings specialty coffee roasters together with the hospitality industry to communicate the specialty coffee message as a component of the overall sensory experience in fine dining.


We want to develop a coherent conversation with wider food/beverage professionals; to this end, we will also include experts in wine (language of wine, impact of processing on sensory aspects, etc) and bread (with a focus on heirloom varieties of grain and fermentation methods), who will present on commonalities with coffee. These are the areas in which our three industries overlap and (should) communicate.


We ultimately seek to introduce a more open discourse about specialty coffee within the world of hospitality amongst restaurateurs, chefs, food & beverage fanatics, and to any individual interested in specialty coffee. Not only this, but the event will link together three crucial elements of sustenance: coffee, bread and wine.


Of course, however, we start with the coffee ;-)



Connecting Coffee+Wine+Bread+Chocolate



Date:             Friday 31 August

Time:             1400 – 1900  


Where:         London School of Coffee

                    3a Imperial Studios

                    Fulham, London

                    SW6 3AG

We recognise that the timing is horrible for those of you directly responsible for putting food/drink to table.  We are truly sorry for that, but Susie is only in town for one night, and since COE is the most craft and elite coffee in the world, we didn’t want to give this opportunity a miss. If you cannot attend, we are very open to any representative within your establishment who may be interested in learning more about specialty coffee.



Stephen Hurst:

Mercanta and the London School of Coffee

Stephen Hurst, founder of Mercanta, has been in the coffee business for more than 25 years. He spent the first 11 years of his career as a commodity coffee trader for the J Aron Division of Goldman Sachs group, who were at one time the fifth biggest coffee trading company in the world. In 1996 he founded Mercanta The Coffee Hunters and migrated into the emerging specialty coffee world.

Stephen spent over a decade as a board member for the Alliance for Coffee Excellence, which runs the Cup of Excellence programme and has served on numerous Cup of Excellence juries around Central and South America since 2000. He has also served on the board of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (2002-2006).

Susie Spindler:

Cup of Excellence


Susie Spindler is Founder of the Cup of Excellence® competition and auction program in 1999 and was Executive Director of The Alliance for Coffee Excellence(ACE)-the non-profit organization that owns Cup of Excellence.  She is now an Executive Advisor and honorary board member of ACE.  Spindler began her career in coffee at a time when soft drinks were the beverage of choice in the morning and coffee was barely identified by country and almost never by farm or variety.  At that time she created several successful coffee programs for the International Coffee Organization that helped jump start specialty coffee in the USA.  She has also been a founder and marketing director of an endangered wildlife facility, president of a small advertising agency and heavily involved in consumer product marketing research. She holds a graduate degree in international marketing and management.


The Cup of Excellence competition has pioneered integrity and transparency in the coffee industry, ensuring the value of winning coffees. Each sample entering the competition process is assigned a number known only to the auditor for each competition, and each jury member cups the coffee blind. In addition, each lot is documented through the entire process so that winning coffees are traceable to the farm and exact micro-lot.

Synøve Nesøen:


Synøve is Head of Education, HR and Roastery at the world renowned Kaffebrenneriet in Oslo, Norway.

She started her career as part-time barista in 2000 and since that time has worked as barista, Assistant manager and General Manager. She has built Kaffebrenneriet’s educational platform and currently acts as Head of training. Above all, she is in charge of Kaffebrenneriet’s internal CoE judge training program and has been a CoE juror member since 2004.

Synøve loves to teach and finds inspiration every day being surrounded by enthusiastic baristas, managers and district managers, all eager to learn about coffee and the craft! 

James Low:

Lyle's London

James Low is Head of Coffee at Lyle's London. 

More info coming soon.

Joshua Meiseman:

Pastry Specialist

With over 15 years of professional pastry experience, Joshua spent the first 10 years with stints on both coasts of the United States. He started with an Associates Degree in Baking & Pastry in Florida, USA, while simultaneously spending four years working with the Ritz-Carlton Hotel
Company. Later, he worked as opening Pastry Chef for chocolate and confection shop Sugar-Coated Radical in Atlanta, GA.


In the SF Bay area, Joshua was the Head Pastry Chef at Michelin-starred Commis in Oakland, California, as well as being a Pastry Chef Consultant for the F&B product and development firm CCD Innovation. Moving overseas, he spent time as the Head Pastry Chef/Baker at zero-waste restaurant Silo in Brighton. Once moving to London, he became the Pastry Chef for Michelin-starred Kitchen Table, then most recently as Head Pastry Chef at Michelin-starred Portland restaurant.


For the past few years he has been doing dinners and collaborations through his creative venture midnight : sessions.

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