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how to start a coffee shop

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Our 2 day course teaching you how to start and run a successful coffee shop.

£400 +VAT

Next Dates:

27th & 28th February 2020

14th & 15th May 2020

This course is two days in length. It will provide you with comprehensive information you need to open and run a successful coffee shop. From sourcing equipment, finding a site and how to make the perfect latte - this course is essential for those starting out in the retail industry.

You will learn how to:


Find a site, the benefits of locations and competitors in a local area.
Competitor research and developing a USP for your company.
Building a customer profile to lead your stockists, menu, design and operations.
What to look out for in retail, risks and issues are analysed.
Equipment you will need, the right tool for the job.
Ordering, stockists, lead-times, bulk orders, shelf life.
Marketing & branding, how it effects your business and when to do it.
Planning your launch, how will your customers know your open.
Health & safety essentials.
How to train your staff and organise working hours and methods.
Barista training, how to use your machine and grinder.
Learn how to make all the drinks on your new menu and what will make them taste better than your competitors.
How to maintain your equipment and look after your stock.

This course has been designed to give you the perfect mix of practical skills and technical knowledge to set up a cafe that is going to stand out from the mainstream competitors. It is not focused around bottom line profits, it is however focused around understanding techniques that have been used to develop some of the most successful cafes in the UK.


£400 +VAT



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