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one day course

london school of coffee

For Barista with limited skills who are new to latte art.

£125 +VAT  full day  


A practice based course teaching you to free pour amazing latte art – learn how to make hearts, rosettas and leafs as well as an introduction to etching.


From 9.30am to 4pm – This full day course is for people who are new to latte art and have limited barista skills. In the morning you will learn how to steam/texture milk correctly, gain an understanding of milk chemistry and  about the right techniques which will prepare you to produce Latte Art.  

These stages are put back together in the afternoon to enable you to focus on free pouring hearts, rosettas and leafs.  All you will need to do then is practice in order to perfect your art.


Full day course – £125 +VAT - 

1/2 day 90 + vat

Dates Available: 6th November., 16th December, 22nd January, (Feb tbc), 26th March, 16th April.


For Baristas confident with their tachnique

london school of coffee

half day course

£90 +VAT half day


If you wish to attend a half day course, learning free pouring technique.


From 1pm to 4pm – To attend just this part of the course you will need to be able to steam milk correctly and be confident with your technique. This part of the course will just focus on free pouring Latte Art. Our aim is to teach you everything you need to be doing to produce latte art for rosettas, leafs, hearts etc. All you will need to do then is practice to perfect your art.


Half day course – £75 +VAT 7th June & 18th July

Evening Session available - 14th May from 5pm to 8pm

Dates Available:  6th November, 16th December, 22nd January (Feb tbc) 26th March, 16th April 

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