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Professional level qualification with global recognition.

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3rd to 8th February 2020

Q arabica combo + exam

When the CQI (Coffee Quality Institute) created the most renowned certification for coffee cuppers, Q Graders, it created a demanding professional certification that filled a vacuum in the market when it launched in 2003. The Q grader certification program was launched in 2003 by The Coffee Quality Institute (CQI). Since the inception of this intensive training and examination program, thousands of coffee professionals around the world have become certified as Q grader. Since its introduction, grading and cupping protocols around the world have become much more standardized. The professional accreditation of Q graders has created a league of coffee cuppers around the world who apply uniform procedures to the evaluation of physical and sensory attributes of coffee samples.


The Q certification program consists of a 3-day course, followed by a 3-day examination marathon comprising of 22 tests. More information can be found here.

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