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Morten Munchow - Roasting Trainer

Morten's coffee career started in 2004 when he undertook a university project called ‘Teaching science’, where he choose to teach Baristas the chemistry of espresso brewing. In 2005 he was employed by Kontra Coffee as their first product Manager (Roast Master). He continued his roasting career, and in July 2014 he was appointed as Vice Chair of Research at The Specialty Coffee Association of Europe. At the same time he started working at the Department of Food Science at the University of Copenhagen on a part-time basis as funded by SCAE. He now has his own office at the Department of Food Science and participates in lectures on Sensory and Consumer Science, Food Chemistry, Dairy Technology, Food Microbiology and Spectroscopy and Chemometrics to encourage the students to do research on coffee.

John Thompson - Sensory & Green

John is a coffee consultant with extensive experience in the Specialty Coffee Industry, working on projects across all sectors from field through purchasing to manufacturing and to retail. The sensory aspects of coffee play a central role in his work, and John is a Head Judge for the Cup of Excellence programme. Other work in producing countries with farms and co-operatives includes the development of sustainable buying programs, coffee quality improvement and diversification programmes, as well as co-authoring technical manuals. He has also assessed systems on farms and processing areas through supplier environmental, quality, and social audits. In consuming countries he has a comprehensive manufacturing experience working with roasting systems of all sizes. He specialises in optimising roasting profile systems, advising on quality aspects of product portfolios and building supply chains for clients. He is an active member of the SCA and sits on the education committee, leading the team that develops content for the green coffee module, as well as supporting the sensory and roasting modules

Daisy Rollo - Sensory & Barista Skills & VRQ City and Guild Barista

 Daisy developed her interest in food and wine working for Michelin Star restaurants. She then became the general manager for “Baristas' Coffee Collective” in Bristol, where her love and passion for the coffee industry was born. After a few years, she decided it was time to start her own business and became a freelance coffee trainer. Daisy could then develop her own knowledge by travelling to coffee plantations, meeting the farmers and understanding the process of growing and cultivating coffee.

Daisy has now been working with the London school of Coffee for 9 years. Travelling to coffee plantations gives Daisy the opportunity to indulge her other passions – film making and photography. She has made a number of short films detailing the different processes on the farms she has visited. Daisy feels that coffee is an incredible journey with a lot of people to meet on the way and a lot hard work and professionalism to be mastered. Her role is to make sure she passes on this information to the barista to help them understand the origin of the product and how to get the best out of it! 

Ben Townsend - SCA Barista, Brewing

Ben Townsend has been in the Speciality Coffee Industry for 10 years. He has worked as a trainer at London School of Coffee for 8 years. In 2007 he Co-developed the City and Guilds Barista VRQ – the UK’s first accredited coffee qualification. In 2009 he opened The Espresso Room – awarded best coffee in London by Time Out and featured in various publications, including Monocle, Port, Conde Nast Traveller and Vogue. In 2013 he was a contributor to the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe Barista Diploma System.

In 2014 he became Education Coordinator for the SCAE UK Chapter. In 2015 he also became Education Coordinator for the Barista Guild of Europe. He continues to be active in SCA Education activities.

Robert Henry - How To Start A Coffee Shop

Robert Henry teamed up with the London School of Coffee about 8 years ago to create our unique "How to start a Coffee Shop" course. This course was designed to provide all the information you need to open and run a successful coffee shop.  Robert has over 15 years of experience and knowledge in the food and beverage industry. He has opened dozens of coffee houses around the world and brings that expertise to his course. He provides impartial, practical advice on the advantages and pitfalls of opening a coffee house or a bar.


Robert has gone on to design coffee houses for many of those who have attended the course and continues to provide them with ongoing training and consultancy. He has vast experience in this area, from finding the right site for clients to producing an appropriate menu, sourcing equipment and effective marketing.

Emma Haines - SCA AST Barista Skills & Brewing

Emma has worked in hospitality and catering training for the last ten years. For the last five years, she has focused on coffee training, in particular specialty coffee training and how to incorporate specialty elements into commercial environments. She works all over Europe and beyond and is a resident trainer at London School of Coffee.

She has a strong passion for inclusivity, as reflected in her role on the SCA Equity, Diversity & Inclusivity Taskforce.

Emma’s delivery of training ensures that the ability to grow to love coffee and turn it into a passion is available to all, regardless of background.

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